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The Unexamined Life

8 week program

Join our introspective journey with The Unexamined Life, a contemplative program designed to unlock the depths of your being.


It's an invitation to delve into the heart of who you are, challenge your limiting beliefs, and emerge with a profound sense of clarity and purpose.


Through guided reflection and thought-provoking exercises, you'll gain insights that illuminate your path forward.


Don't just exist—live deeply.

Prepare for Profound Discovery:

Orientation: Mapping the Inner Terrain


An opening session to chart out your introspective expedition.

Establish a covenant with self-inquiry, setting the stage for deep exploration.




Weeks 1-2: Peeling Back Layers


Begin the journey inward with exercises designed to peel back the layers of surface-level existence.

Intensive dialogue sessions to explore and question foundational self-beliefs.

Weeks 3-4: Confronting the Core


Courageous confrontations with core beliefs and the stories that define you.

Structured reflections that challenge the status quo of your personal narrative.

Weeks 5-6: Reconstructing Self


Synthesize insights to begin reconstructing a more authentic self.

Exercises to practice newly formed beliefs and self-concepts in daily life.


Weeks 7-8: Manifesting Clarity and Purpose


Solidify your new narrative with a personalized manifesto for living intentionally.

Develop a sustainable practice of self-examination to maintain clarity and purpose.


Expect Introspective Intensity:


Personal sessions that go beyond surface-level chatter to unearth your true self.

Challenging exercises that foster significant self-discovery and personal revelations.

An unwavering commitment to confronting and discarding what no longer serves you.


You Will Need to:


Engage in rigorous self-inquiry that may disrupt long-held beliefs.

Regularly journal to document and process discoveries and challenges.

Implement mindfulness practices to enhance self-awareness and presence.

Actively participate in bi-weekly sessions with an openness to transform.

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