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1:1 Personal Revolution

8 weeks - 6 sessions

Unlimited WhatsApp/Telegram support

Personal growth requires personal attention. My 1:1 Coaching program spans 8 weeks, offering you a tailored coaching experience with 3 dedicated sessions per month. You'll receive customized guidance to navigate your unique challenges and goals.


Plus, with unlimited WhatsApp/Telegram support, I am just a message away whenever you need advice, encouragement, or just someone to listen. This is an intimate partnership focused on creating real, lasting change in your life.


Expect to Shake Things Up & apologize later:

Kickoff: Personal Breakthrough Session

A high-impact initial session to disrupt your status quo and pinpoint growth opportunities.

Bold goal-setting that challenges you to think bigger and differently.


Weeks 1-2: Unlearning and Relearning


Intensive discussions to dismantle limiting beliefs and  reconstruct empowering ones.

Assignments that push you out of your comfort zone and into a space of growth.


Weeks 3-4: Radical Accountability


Bi-weekly accountability check-ins that demand honesty and encourage tenacity.

Customized exercises that confront habitual patterns and inspire change.

Weeks 5-6: Emotional Agility Mastery


Targeted strategies to master emotional responses and harness them for your benefit.

Practice scenarios to sharpen your newfound emotional agility in real-life situations.


Weeks 7-8: Future-Proofing Your Growth


Design a dynamic personal evolution plan that is adaptable to life's inevitable shifts.

Stress tests for your growth plan to ensure its robustness under future pressures.


Experience the Unconventional:


Direct and challenging feedback that catalyzes change and fosters rapid development.

Continuous, real-time support that doesn’t just wait for the next session.

A dynamic coaching relationship that adapts as quickly as you progress.

Be Prepared to:


Commit to an intense personal development journey that will challenge every comfort zone.

Perform weekly 'disruption tasks' that directly confront your personal growth edges.

Continuously engage with your coach, providing raw and real updates via WhatsApp.

Reflect, act, and adapt with agility to the insights and challenges presented each week.

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